This is a great article which I have shared. If any of my FB friends raise objection to its content I will unfriend them instantly because Iam not prepared to debate with people who think men have the right to pay to RAPE Women and girls.
We should refer to the "sex industry" as the RAPE industry, prostitution as modern slavery men who buy "sex" as RAPISTS pimps and brothel owners as accessories to RAPE . We should aim to make this use of language part of the mainstream culture. It wont be easy, the other side are ahead of the game framing the argument in terms of agency" for "sex workers" "sex positive" personel choice.
We have to challenge this mantra at every stage and on every stage, call out the so called progressive left on this issue until the language of radical feminist and pro radial feminists men becomes the language of the mainstream this should be our resolution for 2019 and beyond